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Agen Slot Tergacor. Pekanbaru – The desire to have an expensive telephone made Septian Susanto act recklessly. The 23-year-old man stole an iPhone belonging to an acquaintance and was finally arrested by personnel from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Senapelan Police, Pekanbaru City. King88Bet link Login

King88bet Live Chat . Being in prison for almost 2 and a half months, Septian never told his family. Now, the unemployed man has returned home after the Pekanbaru Public Prosecutor (JPU) took restorative justice. King88Bet link Login

King88Bet link Login .Head of the Prosecutor’s Office, Asep Sontani Sunarya, explained that Septian stole Farhan Fadillah’s iPhone 12 Pro Max on August 28 2023. The perpetrator took the cellphone to a cellphone counter so that iCloud could be opened. King88bet Live Chat

“The counter refused to open the lock, the perpetrator intended to return the phone to the owner but on the way he was arrested by the Sector Police because the victim reported it,” said Asep, Thursday afternoon, November 16 2023.

King88bet Live Chat .During the journey, the suspect’s file was declared complete. The suspect and evidence were handed over to the prosecutor at the Pekanbaru ‘s Office but did not proceed to court. King88Bet link Login

The prosecutor took restorative legal action by reconciling the perpetrator and victim. The victim welcomed this by offering an apology and the suspect promised not to repeat his actions. King88Bet link Login

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The Pekanbaru Prosecutor’s Office then submitted a request to stop prosecuting the case and it was approved. The Prosecutor’s Office issued a Decree to Discontinue the Case based on restorative justice. King88bet Live Chat

“Approval after exposing the case with the Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes, followed by the Head of the Riau Prosecutor’s Office and staff,” said Asep accompanied by the Head of the General Crimes Section, Zulham Perdamean Pane. King88bet Live Chat

Asep congratulated Septian. Asep advised Septian not to commit any more criminal acts in the future. Agen Slot Tergacor

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